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Nordstern's Belle Ode to Joy

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, pretty Maja Mou

Happy Birthday, beautiful Miss Maja!

You are twelve years old now and are as sweet and beautiful as ever. Twelve years ago we picked you up in Germany from your breeder, Annelie Feder, who raised you and your siblings and prepared you for life. And it showed. You were not afraid of anything, you were so full of happiness and joy, an imp, who stole Vanessa's heart in no time when she saw you first. She picked you, she knew you would be the one - and right she was. You have always been our sunshine and you still make us happy every day. You still have a special bond with Vanessa - as if you knew that she chose YOU! The tiny Maja puppy turned into a beautiful representative of the breed and got the admiration of many a judge. You are the only one of my dogs who always loved the show ring - you walked in the shoes of your famous mom and grand-mom. You are the first USEC Champion and at the age of almost twelve, you still won the Best In Show last autumn. You were always our little run away in the woods - but you always came back. You were the only one of my pups who really swam in the water like a little tug boat and you still like to "hunt" frogs in the lake. And the funniest situation with you: We were in the show ring and ran towards the end of it - and you wanted to show that you can do agility too and took a big leap over the rope at the end of the show ring. And we do not want to forget that you gave us a beautiful litter of puppies.You are our sweet Maja Mou and we hope that you will still be with us for a long, long time!! We all love you soooo much! Thank you, Anne, for giving this girl to us <3
Maja shortly after we brought her home from Germany
Vanessa and her Maja - 12 years ago
Two beauties in the show ring