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North Star Eurasier Blog
Nordstern's Belle Ode to Joy

Saturday, June 21, 2014

By now our second Eurasier Magazine was published and I am extremely happy about the feedback that I have received on both issues.

I am thankful and humbled and it gives me the desire and energy to continue to work for this beautiful breed :-)  Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback!  The Eurasier is a special dog breed and its community is too. Let's keep it that way and always keep this breed safe............

If anyone has any contributions or pictures for the fall issue, feel free to send it to me and I will include it.

Once Eurasier, Always Eurasier!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, pretty Maja Mou

Happy Birthday, beautiful Miss Maja!

You are twelve years old now and are as sweet and beautiful as ever. Twelve years ago we picked you up in Germany from your breeder, Annelie Feder, who raised you and your siblings and prepared you for life. And it showed. You were not afraid of anything, you were so full of happiness and joy, an imp, who stole Vanessa's heart in no time when she saw you first. She picked you, she knew you would be the one - and right she was. You have always been our sunshine and you still make us happy every day. You still have a special bond with Vanessa - as if you knew that she chose YOU! The tiny Maja puppy turned into a beautiful representative of the breed and got the admiration of many a judge. You are the only one of my dogs who always loved the show ring - you walked in the shoes of your famous mom and grand-mom. You are the first USEC Champion and at the age of almost twelve, you still won the Best In Show last autumn. You were always our little run away in the woods - but you always came back. You were the only one of my pups who really swam in the water like a little tug boat and you still like to "hunt" frogs in the lake. And the funniest situation with you: We were in the show ring and ran towards the end of it - and you wanted to show that you can do agility too and took a big leap over the rope at the end of the show ring. And we do not want to forget that you gave us a beautiful litter of puppies.You are our sweet Maja Mou and we hope that you will still be with us for a long, long time!! We all love you soooo much! Thank you, Anne, for giving this girl to us <3
Maja shortly after we brought her home from Germany
Vanessa and her Maja - 12 years ago
Two beauties in the show ring

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My dear Eurasier friends,

I am excited to say that my little newsletter will go out tonight.

It will be emailed to my personal United States Eurasier connection distribution list that I assembled. Should I have missed you accidentally or should anyone in Canada, other than those individuals who have already informed me, want to be added to the mailing list, please contact me at

I hope you enjoy it and I will be looking forward to any feedback.

Ute with Maja, Joy, Enya and Ziva

Friday, April 11, 2014

"Eurasiers International" -- coming soon!

Hello my North American Eurasier friends,

As you probably all know by now, I retired from the USEC Board of Directors in March. But can a "die-hard" Eurasier lover live without any Eurasier project?  No, of course, she cannot :-) !!!

So I thought long and hard what I would enjoy. Since I love to write, to research, and since I am very fond of Eurasier photography - and not only of taking photos but also of admiring the work of the many talented photographers out there - the idea of "publishing" my own little Eurasier newsletter came to mind. "Eurasiers International" was born. The newsletter is not affiliated with any of the North American Eurasier clubs and it will not be any competition to their wonderful club newsletters. "Eurasiers International" intends to concentrate more on "international" Eurasier and general canine news and, of course, also on pictures that I would like to make available to all Eurasier owners here in North America. But I would, of course, also love to see stories, pictures and information that our North American Eurasier community would like to share with me to be included in the next issue. So think of me when you have a pretty picture or story, some valuable information, some questions or concerns. I think the Eurasier is special and unique - and so is our North American Eurasier scene. May we always stay so close-knit. The first edition of the newsletter is coming out soon and will be emailed by me to my personal Eurasier connections. If you would like to receive a copy too, just send me an email to and a newsletter will come your way. Enjoy the weekend and give your pups an extra hug!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Gathering of Health Information for the Wellbeing of Our Breed

There is this one thing, a pet peeve of mine, that I would like to address today. It is something that, I think, we should all keep in mind, namely the erroneous thought that if you breed a healthy dog to a healthy dog you will automatically receive healthy puppies. BIG ERROR!!!! If genetics would be that easy, it would be quite nice. But that is, sadly, not how it works.
First of all, the occurrence of hereditary diseases can only be minimized but not completely eliminated. If the parents of a litter are free of hereditary diseases, it tells you relatively little about what genetic information the puppies might carry. Problems might re-cur again only after a couple of generations.

A way of minimizing hereditary diseases is to gather health information on ancestors, siblings and offspring and thus gain knowledge on what medical problems have shown up/are showing up in the entire lineage of a dog. All bits of information are important. The more knowledge we obtain on the offspring of our dogs, the clearer the picture becomes for breeders when they do their research on their next planned breeding.
Therefore I would like to entice all responsible Eurasier owners in North America to share any health information on their dogs with theirs clubs. You may also contact me directly if you wish. I would really like to see an increase of health information on non-breeding dogs for North America in the IFEZ Database that I maintain. All dogs that are used or breeding are health tested but the information on the ones that will not be bred is as important. The North American population is not that big and I think we can do it and raise the percentage of the feedback!!!!
The more information we gather, the better. The data output to be used by breeders for breed planning is only as good as the data input we receive from the owners. 
For the love of our breed!!!!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow, snow....... Es schneit, es schneit

Somebody - and I think I know who it was - added the snow flakes to my photo . I could not get it done.
And if I say thank you sooo much DIETER - I hope I say it to the correct person who surprised me so nicely!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day ~ A Dedication to My Eurasier Loves

Valentine's - we give or get flowers, and we are thankful for those we love and that love us. Aside from my best husband of all and my beautiful children, there is one other love in my life...the "Eurasier Love" - my passion forever....
In January of 1999, Dave flew to Austria to pick up our first Eurasier girl, the beautiful "Alpha-Laika vom Tal der Raben" who would become my soul-mate, my once in a life-time dog. With Laika, my Eurasier journey began and I was lucky enough to be able to consider some of the best in the Eurasier breed as my mentors over the years: Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal, scientist, President of the Eurasier Club Austria, and Eurasier breeder; Mrs. Annelie Feder, former President of the EKW and a Eurasier breeder for 20 years, Mrs. Helga Casper, former EKW club official and Eurasier breeder, and last but not least, Mrs. Barbara Post, which I felt honored to know. They all introduced me to the special philosophy of Eurasier breeding, health and behavior aspects and readily answered my many, many questions and still do. Eurasier fanciers in North America started to work together in the North American Eurasier Committee and I considered it a privilege to work for the protection of this wonderful breed in North America.  I had the honor to be one of the founding members of the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. (USEC) and enjoyed so many happy moments with my girls; meetings, walks and trips as far as Nova Scotia and Alberta. Conferences of the International Federation of Eurasier Breeding, IFEZ, in Europe allowed me to meet so many hard-working, dedicated and charismatic people. 15 years of Eurasier love, hard work, fulfilment and joy! I am proud to "breathe" Eurasier and always will. I love you my "Valentine's girls":  Maja, Joy, Enya, Ziva, and, in memoriam, my great Laika, on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another snow storm

My four girls cannot believe it. Another snow storm is on the way!  While they all have enjoyed the snow so much in the past, this year's layer of ice makes it so difficult for them to walk in. Let's see how many inches we will get. It's supposed to snow more or less 24 hours.  At least the pups have a nice double coat to keep them warm. If we keep our electricity you will see and hear more from us tomorrow! Stay warm and safe, Eurasier community!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Give your dog a bone - no a pill - .... it's not that difficult at all!!

Today I wanted to touch a topic that comes up occasionally: the "difficulty" of giving pills to our dogs. There are many suggestions: some owners try to hide the pill in the dog's food which is not safe as the dog might eat the food only - but not the medication.

Other owners hide the pill in something tasty: cheese, liverwurst, etc.  But pups can be quite sneaky, lick off the goodies around the pill and then spit the pill out.  Mine are quite skilled in doing that too.

Therefore in our pack only one procedure works- and it works tremendously well.  Take the pill, open your dog's mouth and put it into the rear right side. As the pill is in the rear of the mouth, the dog simply swallows and it only takes a second and the medication is where it belongs. Here my four girls:

Maja gets a supplement for her bones as she is an older lady. She takes the tab easily out of my hand. For her no special "method" is necessary. Joy gets her daily thyroid pill and a healthy enzyme, Ziva gets a healthy enzyme too. Both of them would spit it out if I gave it to them wrapped in something edible.

And then comes Miss Enya....she really does not like to take medication.... and she needs to be called and throws herself on her back. But see how easy it is..

And at the very end comes the most important: the TREAT  - and all the puppies are happy!

Hope it helps !

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hi everyone!  Have you checked out some of the changes on our North Star Eurasier website yet? No?
Then go to and check it out. You can read information on our visit to the Annual Meeting of the IFEZ (International Federation of Eurasier Breeding), you can contact us and let us know if you would like to participate in one of our US Eurasier walks and can even contact us if you have a new puppy and we will introduce your new puppy to the US Eurasier community! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slowly but surely we are ready for some warmer weather. The snow won't melt because of the low temperatures and the wind out here is rough. The dogs don't even want to be out anymore.
Even Joy with her thick coat looks chilly in the cold.....brrrrrr!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Memories of a Eurasier Mentor

I am currently in the process of re-organizing the tremendous amount of Eurasier photos that I have accumulated. It is a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun as you go through all of your photos again and find many that you have not seen for a while and you remember the stories they tell you.
This is a picture of Barbara Post who left us much too early.I took it in Marmora, Canada where Barbara visited one of our big North American Eurasier gatherings. She taught me so much about this tremendous breed, shared many of her and her husband's amazing photos and even took the time to help me build my first website.
Barbara, you were an amazing woman, with so much knowledge, love and and enthusiasm for this breed. You are still missed.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ohhhh, my four girls are so excited as they heard the weather forecast for tomorrow: snow!!! They all love the snow, run around in it, roll in it, and even eat it!  I hope to get a couple of new snow pictures if it is not coming down too hard!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yes, the girls are ready for a little trip. They so love to go places and are great travelers. It is amazing how they sense that they might go somewhere with their "mom" as they watch my every move when I grab my duffel bag and pack some things. They stick around me, and make sure that they are all set and will, for sure, not be forgotten. Without you, my furry friends, life would only be half as enjoyable!! So, let's go out for a little trip and a walk my girls.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beauty Day

Today was grooming day for my four ladies. It is important to me to keep up with their coat care and therefore, like clock-work, every two weeks all four of them are groomed from head to toe. Not that they are necessarily all happy about it - but - with lots of good words, treats, hugs and patience we get it done. 
Joy is mostly volunteering as she wants to be first in line and usually she is quite cooperative although she is my only spayed dog and her coat changed after the castration due to the hormonal change. She no longer undergoes the bi-annual shedding of the undercoat and the coat in general became a lot denser. But we are still lucky as many castrated Eurasiers have quite an unmanageable coat.  But the key is - to keep up with it and to make sure that you always comb the coat down to the skin. It does not help to just brush over the top of the dog. Make sure to part the hair and comb down to the skin so that the undercoat cannot mat.

Enya was second. Not happy, but she comes when called although VERY slowly. Although her coat is not too long, the undercoat is dense and sometimes it feels as if you try to get your comb through a cotton ball.
But she is a good girl and we get her done without a problem (although she hates it when I comb her tail).

Maja followed and was done in no time as the poor girl has shed her entire undercoat and she just needed to be combed for a couple of minutes and I trimmed her pantaloons in shape as she really looked a little like "raggedy Maja". But now she is pretty again and hopefully in full coat soon.

Oh yes.....and then came Ziva...... This girl has the thickest, densest coat of them all and needs a lot of time. The mane is a challenge.....soft as silk but thick as that of a lion. The good part though.. Ziva melts into your lap and just lies there and lets you groom her as long as you are gentle. Only when it comes to the pantaloons she would much rather run and I need someone to hold her for me or put her on a leash and she is GONE!

The result - four good-looking nicely groomed Eurasier who have never ever seen a groomer :-)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello Eurasier Friends,
Welcome to the North Star Eurasier blog where we hope to keep you updated on how our pack is doing, share some pictures, stories or interesting facts about our Eurasier breed in the US and Europe.  Hope this will be fun!!
Here Enya enjoys the fresh snow that we still had yesterday while it was pouring today and none of the dogs were eager to set a paw outside of the door!