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North Star Eurasier Blog
Nordstern's Belle Ode to Joy

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Today we have exciting news! 

The English version of Annelie Feder’s book “Eurasiers Yesterday and Today” will be available in December. It can be ordered directly from the author at or at .
The book costs 37.50 Euros, shipping and handling to the United States and Canada will add another 7.00 Euros. Payments can be made via Paypal. 
This is the one great opportunity to acquire the comprehensive breed book in English. It is fascinating for Eurasier owners, Eurasier breeders and individuals who are simply interested in the breed alike. Thank you, Annelie Feder for writing this updated edition. I enjoyed translating this gem. A heartfelt thank you to Peter Mordan, Southern Eurasier Association UK, for proof-reading the translated manuscript.  ENJOY!!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

For quite some time I did not update our blog due to lack of time. All my pups gave me a paws up to start over - but with frequent brief notes instead of occasional long articles. I liked that idea!  Eurasiers are smart pups - we all know that, don't we? 

Here is a piece of news that we are quite proud of.  Out of the blue we were contacted by a very nice lady who asked us about this specific picture of Joy. And so my senior girl still has one proud highlight. She made the front cover of the 

"Dogs of National Purebred Dog Day" calendar. We are so proud of our girl.

Check out their website - there are many other nice items for dog owners to order.

We are back, dear Eurasier friends!