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North Star Eurasier Blog
Nordstern's Belle Ode to Joy

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow, snow....... Es schneit, es schneit

Somebody - and I think I know who it was - added the snow flakes to my photo . I could not get it done.
And if I say thank you sooo much DIETER - I hope I say it to the correct person who surprised me so nicely!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day ~ A Dedication to My Eurasier Loves

Valentine's - we give or get flowers, and we are thankful for those we love and that love us. Aside from my best husband of all and my beautiful children, there is one other love in my life...the "Eurasier Love" - my passion forever....
In January of 1999, Dave flew to Austria to pick up our first Eurasier girl, the beautiful "Alpha-Laika vom Tal der Raben" who would become my soul-mate, my once in a life-time dog. With Laika, my Eurasier journey began and I was lucky enough to be able to consider some of the best in the Eurasier breed as my mentors over the years: Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal, scientist, President of the Eurasier Club Austria, and Eurasier breeder; Mrs. Annelie Feder, former President of the EKW and a Eurasier breeder for 20 years, Mrs. Helga Casper, former EKW club official and Eurasier breeder, and last but not least, Mrs. Barbara Post, which I felt honored to know. They all introduced me to the special philosophy of Eurasier breeding, health and behavior aspects and readily answered my many, many questions and still do. Eurasier fanciers in North America started to work together in the North American Eurasier Committee and I considered it a privilege to work for the protection of this wonderful breed in North America.  I had the honor to be one of the founding members of the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. (USEC) and enjoyed so many happy moments with my girls; meetings, walks and trips as far as Nova Scotia and Alberta. Conferences of the International Federation of Eurasier Breeding, IFEZ, in Europe allowed me to meet so many hard-working, dedicated and charismatic people. 15 years of Eurasier love, hard work, fulfilment and joy! I am proud to "breathe" Eurasier and always will. I love you my "Valentine's girls":  Maja, Joy, Enya, Ziva, and, in memoriam, my great Laika, on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another snow storm

My four girls cannot believe it. Another snow storm is on the way!  While they all have enjoyed the snow so much in the past, this year's layer of ice makes it so difficult for them to walk in. Let's see how many inches we will get. It's supposed to snow more or less 24 hours.  At least the pups have a nice double coat to keep them warm. If we keep our electricity you will see and hear more from us tomorrow! Stay warm and safe, Eurasier community!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Give your dog a bone - no a pill - .... it's not that difficult at all!!

Today I wanted to touch a topic that comes up occasionally: the "difficulty" of giving pills to our dogs. There are many suggestions: some owners try to hide the pill in the dog's food which is not safe as the dog might eat the food only - but not the medication.

Other owners hide the pill in something tasty: cheese, liverwurst, etc.  But pups can be quite sneaky, lick off the goodies around the pill and then spit the pill out.  Mine are quite skilled in doing that too.

Therefore in our pack only one procedure works- and it works tremendously well.  Take the pill, open your dog's mouth and put it into the rear right side. As the pill is in the rear of the mouth, the dog simply swallows and it only takes a second and the medication is where it belongs. Here my four girls:

Maja gets a supplement for her bones as she is an older lady. She takes the tab easily out of my hand. For her no special "method" is necessary. Joy gets her daily thyroid pill and a healthy enzyme, Ziva gets a healthy enzyme too. Both of them would spit it out if I gave it to them wrapped in something edible.

And then comes Miss Enya....she really does not like to take medication.... and she needs to be called and throws herself on her back. But see how easy it is..

And at the very end comes the most important: the TREAT  - and all the puppies are happy!

Hope it helps !