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Monday, March 3, 2014

Gathering of Health Information for the Wellbeing of Our Breed

There is this one thing, a pet peeve of mine, that I would like to address today. It is something that, I think, we should all keep in mind, namely the erroneous thought that if you breed a healthy dog to a healthy dog you will automatically receive healthy puppies. BIG ERROR!!!! If genetics would be that easy, it would be quite nice. But that is, sadly, not how it works.
First of all, the occurrence of hereditary diseases can only be minimized but not completely eliminated. If the parents of a litter are free of hereditary diseases, it tells you relatively little about what genetic information the puppies might carry. Problems might re-cur again only after a couple of generations.

A way of minimizing hereditary diseases is to gather health information on ancestors, siblings and offspring and thus gain knowledge on what medical problems have shown up/are showing up in the entire lineage of a dog. All bits of information are important. The more knowledge we obtain on the offspring of our dogs, the clearer the picture becomes for breeders when they do their research on their next planned breeding.
Therefore I would like to entice all responsible Eurasier owners in North America to share any health information on their dogs with theirs clubs. You may also contact me directly if you wish. I would really like to see an increase of health information on non-breeding dogs for North America in the IFEZ Database that I maintain. All dogs that are used or breeding are health tested but the information on the ones that will not be bred is as important. The North American population is not that big and I think we can do it and raise the percentage of the feedback!!!!
The more information we gather, the better. The data output to be used by breeders for breed planning is only as good as the data input we receive from the owners. 
For the love of our breed!!!!